My inspirations are cubism and pixelated art. I chose one of Picasso's work called "The Dream" in 1937 because cubism was interesting to draw an object from different perspectives and express three-dimensional object on canvas in abstract ways. Also, the pixelated art helped me to think of form in 3D. The concept that I wanted to express is to bring his work into a three-dimensional space to show how the abstraction can represent. The goal is to get the experienced order from disorder.

I created a small part of "The Dream" that shows woman's face. In 3D view, it's a little bit hard to recognize what it is, but in the 2D view, the player can see it. Also, the I put the camera on the drone, a user can fly through the objects. But It's a little bit hard to control the drone because of acceleration. Also, the design that I made in 3D space completely couldn't support the concept because it is only small part of original work. If I make the whole of original work and set the appropriate depth between each object, it will be better.

Q key: moving forward

W key: moving backward

Arrow keys: control directions

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