In the "Nightmare" game scene, we are set in the main character's nightmare, which represents his wish to end the suffering caused by his fear, loneliness & sadness, following the grief. He eventually finds the exit to escape from the dark, serving as a transition to the story. While you are playing, the only thing you can do is running and avoiding from ghosts that damage you, but there are few friends who give you the health because, in the dream, there is nothing you can do such as you have no power to hit or fight. Then, you need to find the exit to escape from his nightmare.

I created the environment by 3D Maya, and 2D sprites are made by the illustrator. I used animator for main character and ghost in Unity. The ground and ghost are generated until you finish the game. I modified the code learned from our class. The hardest thing was to combine all the code and function into one scene because I needed to understand every code in the scripts fully. I uploaded two versions of the game. On the web, there is no ending video because WebGL doesn't support movie-texture, so I upload an external file you can download and play on your computer. When you find the exit in the nightmare scene, you can see the story.

The inspiration for this project was 10 print. I was interested in generating infinite world by the simple single line of code. It was relevant to the world I wanted to build. Everything doesn't make sense in the dream. In the nightmare, there are always something scared follows you; you don't even know where they come from and when the nightmare will finish like in the maze. Therefore, I used instantiation for generating the endless world, creating ghost around the boy, and chasing him.


Nightmare Mac/Pc Version 38 MB